Be part of the Christian Revolution – Wilmot

Today is a time for a revolution. These were the words of Chester Wilmot who gave his testimony for Jesus Christ at the Christian Men’s Association (CMA) breakfast, held at the Port Alfred Celebration Centre on Saturday morning.

SPEAKING FROM THE HEART: Chester Wilmot gave his testimony to the Christan Men’s Association breakfast on Saturday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

“It is time for us to rebel against the leaders of this world,” said Wilmot. “It is no time to be a bystander.”

Wilmot was referring to unifying Christians as, if they are to succeed in bringing heaven to Earth then they need to present a united front.

But Wilmot also warned against finding fault and being negative.

“We are at a time in our history when it is okay to ridicule our president, criticise everything and say, ‘oh, well that’s just Africa’. If we are sons of the Father in heaven then we must pray for those who oppress us, or want to do us harm,” he said.

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