Black First Land First warned to immediately stop intimidating and harassing journalists

ON Monday the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) issued a statement, that the organisation condemns threats by the Black First Land First (BLF) to protest at the homes and places of worship of members of the media.

Black First Land Firstprotesting outside the main ABSA branch in Johannesburg recently

It said it was “gravely concerned” with the actions of BLF who marched to the home of Tiso Blackstar’s editor-at-large, Peter Bruce and then jostled his friend, Business Day editor Tim Cohen, when he arrived to show support for Bruce.
In its defence, BLF issued a statement where other white journalists are specifically named, and threatened with a similar action against them if they do not cease writing stories about the Gupta family who may well be funding BLF.

In its statement, the SAHRC wrote, “A free press is a cornerstone of our constitutional democracy. Any attempt to threaten or intimidate the media is an attack on our democracy and is a violation of our Constitution.

“Further, section 15 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, belief and opinion.

“As such, threats by BFLF (sic) to protest at places of worship of members of the media, is an infringement of this right.”