Crime incidents reported by MultiSecurity

A TRUCK driver was hurt when stones were thrown at his truck while he was driving on Albany Road last week.

A MultiSecurity response officer reported the incident and MultiSecurity control room informed the police. A state ambulance was called to attend to the driver.

MultiSecurity reported that the suspects threw stones which shattered the window on the driver’s sides, causing injuries to the drivers arm and chest.

  • Another collision took place between a car and a cow on Saturday night, this time at the 43 Air School turnoff.

MultiSecurity informed the Nemato SAPS and state ambulance. The MultiSecurity response officer reported that a bakkie had hit a cow that was crossing the road, and that the cow was tagged – making it possible to identify the owner. No further information is available but SAPS is investigating the case.

  • Earlier the same evening a break-in occurred in Weald Avenue at Misty Waves. MultiSecurity phoned the client when an alarm was triggered at the premises. The client informed the control room that they had been robbed.

The client reported that the burglars were carrying a black plastic bag and one was wearing a beanie. Upon inspection of the property and residence, the reaction officer reported the suspects gained entry at the back of the unit where the burglars broke the wall and lifted the fence. The client’s brother was sleeping in the room and he heard someone opening the sliding door. The burglar walked straight to his room and took two cell phones and a wallet.

  • On Saturday afternoon, a resident in York Lane alerted MultiSecurity control room about intruders on the neighbours’ premises. A response officer attended to the scene and found footprints, and pieces of glass. The response officer also reported that it looked like someone tampered with the door and broken more glass but that the security gate was still intact.
  • A break-in occurred in Croyden Circle the evening before but was only reported on Saturday afternoon when the MultiSecurity control room received a panic signal.

The resident informed the MultiSecurity reaction officer that a break-in occurred around 2am in the morning when suspects forced open a sliding door, took a television and a cell phone in the lounge and left. The client reported she was upstairs and she heard a noise and then woke her husband. By the time the coupe got downstairs they noticed the television missing. The alarm was not activated.

  • In the early hours of Monday morning, a panic signal was received from Protea Lane in Station Hill. The MultiSecurity reaction officer reported that two men had locked the client inside his house and tried to steal his vehicle. He reported that the robbers had run away when the panic was pressed.
  • At around 4am Monday morning, there was an attempted break-in at the R72 Saloon in Albany Road. The MultiSecurity control room received an alarm and reacted to the scene. He reported one of the window’s broken, but that no access was gained to the property.
  • There was a break-in at the municipal offices in Campbell Street in the early hours on Monday. MultiSecurity reaction officers found that the burglars had gained entry by cutting the security gate and breaking a window. One laptop was stolen.
  • Early on Tuesday morning a resident at Emerald View called MultiSecurity to report an attempted break-in. The resident reported that a burglar did gain entry to the flat by forcing open the sliding door but ran off when he was spotted. The suspect was described as being of slim build. The police were not requested as nothing had been taken.

The MultiSecurity response officer reported that he had checked the complex and the electric fence. The electric fence was on and he could not see anything wrong with it. He also reported that there was no sign of anyone suspicious in the complex.