Neolektra leave their audience spellbound

A SOUND FROM TOMORROW: From left, Naomi Tagg (violin 1), Viwe Mkizwana (double bass), Chris Evans (violin 2), Kate Moore (viola) and Ronald Davey are five of the seven members of Neolektra, along with Dario Broccardo on percussion and Matthias Bakker on the synths and beeps. They made their first National Arts Festival appearance to a fully mesmerised and transported audience Picture: LEBOGANG TLOU

THE “Band of Immortals” which prefers to be known as Neolektra took audiences on the journey of a lifetime at their first National Arts Festival performance this week.

Neolektra blends strings, percussion and synth sounds into an epic journey.

They opened with composer and violinist Naomi Tagg’s composition, which she compiled with Vitali Zavondskyy – a Russian born, Canada-based musician.

“I’ve never met him, and we’ve written two pieces together,” Tagg said after the show. “He just gets me, and it’s so cool working with him because we’ve never met except online.”

Neolektra presented epic-themed titles at their National Arts Festival debut performance, which were, in order: Immortals, Images of War, The Legend (Asturias), Wong Chia Chi’s Theme (From the film ‘Lust’), A Stolen Tango, Birth of a Heroine, Victory Does Not Make us Conquerors (Game of Thrones theme song), Goodbye, Bailando can el Destino, Forbidden Friendship, and finally ending with Dragon Born which is from the video game called Skyrim.

Immortals was an epic sound fusion which exploded into Images of war, flowing into another dimension of reality – listening to the skies colliding as The Legend (Asturias) fed into a perfect rendition of Desplat’s Wong Chia Chi’s Theme.

This futuristic band of “immortals” may very well have come to haunt mortals with an impossible-to-forget sound – the sort which is remembered intrinsically. Neolektra invokes a nostalgic feeling from a future yet to be seen, something this world remembers vaguely off the shores of the memory banks.

The Birth of a Heroine is one of Tagg’s own compositions which achieved optimum effect in transporting the audience. This epic mythical quest of a sound is what makes epic films epic. Tagg also composed the tear-jerking Goodbye which is a soothing sound with perfect pitch.

The title is a starting point,” Tagg said of the group’s music. “You’re given the title, the track is Immortals, and it’s for the listener to create their own story. It’s giving them that fuel to take themselves on a journey.

“In Images of War, you can see the different soldiers marching, you see the sadness on the battlefield, the loss and the destruction and the total devastation. It’s for people to take it wherever they really want to take it because the sky is the limit, your imagination is limitless,” she said.