Locals rally behind Emilene

AS a fundraiser in support of little Emilene Bruwer, the three year old autistic girl who was diagnosed with leukaemia earlier this year, the Port Alfred River and Ski-boat Club held a rib and chips evening last Friday night.

The Port Alfred community have rallied together for Emilene by showing much support through various fundraisers in town.

The latest news is that she has a condition called hydrocephalus, essentially an accumulation of fluids in the brain.

A neurologist​confirmed that the swelling was caused by her leukaemia cells that have spread to her brain which had blocked the pathway for the fluids to run normally through her body.

She currently has an external shunt in her brain to drain the excessive swelling before another shunt can be inserted internally.

She is also on high risk treatment plan and receiving chemo in the brain directly. Her parents reported that she is responding well to the treatment but will still need to undergo intensive chemotherapy in the next few months.

Through the fundraiser effort at the Ski-boat Club locals and visitors managed to raise about R10 000 through rib and chips meal tickets and an auction.

Neville Williamson rallied the crowd and auctioned three wine and biltong hampers which were bought by Joe Lee, Difford Keaton and Chris Johnston. Charl Hurn was the DJ for the party that followed that went on well into the night.

LOCAL SUPPORT: Difford Keaton, left, and Joe Lee generously supported the Emilene Bruwer fundraiser at the Port Alfred River and Ski-boat Club last weekend where locals enjoyed a festive rib and chips evening and a party afterwards Picture: BRONWYN SCHULTZ

“People had a great time. We did it for Emilene. I just think it was a great evening. Thank you to everyone who supported the evening, every little bit helps this little girl and her family,” said Williamson.

Emilene’s mother, Marlene Bruwer, said: “To everyone that’s been involved in her journey, thank you. You guys are making it possible for us to remain focused on her and comforting our hearts with all the love and support you are giving us. We can’t explain how much it all means to us.”

Several other businesses and individuals have also taken up the task of fundraising, a sign of the loving community spirit in Port Alfred.

The Lounge hosted a sokkie evening on Saturday and managed to raise R2 500.

Helen Purdon of Port Alfred Harcourts has done more fundraising and said she was blown away by the support.


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