Hospitality staff receive boost through Stenden training

Stenden South Africa offered an intensive three day introduction to hospitality course this week after a positive response was received last year. The graduates ended the day in high spirits powered with new knowledge and skills. 

The group comprised of individuals who currently work at various hotels and restaurants in Port Alfred and had the opportunity to participate in expertise training, and learn the latest trends and guidelines of the industry.

The graduates all were grateful for the experience and felt that the course enriched their knowledge on serving etiquettes, wine tasting and knowledge, complaint handling and upselling.

Wouter Hensens, executive dean of Stenden South Africa, said the course was well received and reminded the students of enriching guest experiences,and the importance of being positive.

“The economy is weak, we need to fight to get every tourist. Make sure they have an amazing experience,” said Hensens.

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