CRIME BRIEFS: CPF warns residents are responsible for safety vigilance at home

IN recent Port Alfred Community Policing Forum (CPF) meetings SAPS members stated that security awareness and vigilance at home plays a significant role in fighting crime and keeping opportunist criminals at bay.

The CPF actively promotes taking responsibility for home security as well reporting any suspicious activity.

Last weeks’ crime briefs (July 13-19):

  • Friday, July 14, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from a resident in Marlin Road. Upon arrival the reaction officers came across an open sliding door which upon inspection seemed to have been left open.

The reaction officer checked the premises and noticed laptops and cell phones lying in the open in the house. He placed the items inside the office and locked the sliding door. He reported no force marks on the door.

  • In the early hours of Saturday morning, July 15 at Kowie Beach Cabanas, a MultiSecurity reaction officer made contact with a guest who reported a break-in. The burglars gained entry to the unit through the bathroom window and stole five laptops, five cell phones and well as the keys for the premises and the vehicle parked in front.
  • Also on Friday, the MultiSecurity control room received a panic from Fresh Stop on Southwell Road. The reaction officer made with contact with the petrol attendant who reported that there had been a man in a white vehicle that had left the premises without paying for fuel. He reported that the car had no number plate.

The manager checked the CCTV footage but could not see the driver’s face as he was wearing a hat and had a beard. The reaction officer reported that the man was heading in the direction of East London and stole about R600 worth of fuel.

  • Last Friday before midday, a vehicle was reported broken into. The thief broke the left front window and stole an old leather bag.
  • An accident was reported in Causeway Road, near the traffic lights last Friday night. SAPS called MultiSecurity to ask if they had cameras in the area. SAPS reported that it happened between 9pm and 10pm, and involved a blue Opel Astra Estate (late 1990 model).
  • On Sunday, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from Iviwe Cash Loans. Upon arrival the reaction officer reported a break-in as a window had been broken. The client requested a guard to be posted at the premises as he was not sure what had been taken but would open a case.
  • On Sunday, a resident in Heron Street reported a break in at the premises during the day, and they only realised it when they arrived back home. MultiSecurity despatched a reaction officer who reported that the suspect gained entry by the sliding door that had not been locked. He also reported that the alarm had not been turned on as a family member was at home. The suspect took a wallet, a watch, a cell phone and vehicle keys.
  • In the early hours of Monday morning, intruders gained entry to Moon Whispers (The Relic) in Bathurst by bending the burglar bars of an open window. The reaction officer reported that the burglar was seen by the client when the owner’s dog started barking. The client reported a skinny-built man wearing dark clothes. He attacked the client by spraying her with pepper-spray and stole her phone and money before fleeing out the lounge door.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, a resident in Saltvlei Road reported that intruders walked into the house while they were outside in the garden. She requested armed response as her jewellery and her tablet was missing. A MultiSecurity reaction officer was despatched to the scene. The officer confirmed that SAPS was on the scene and a case had been opened.


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