UPDATE: Damaged pipeline below Putt Bridge

TUESDAY – 25.7.2017:

According to Clr Schenk there is major damage to the pipeline under the Putt Bridge on the west side, and water will only be restored sometime tomorrow.

It is being attended to.

Contractors (not municipal employees) needed to dig up the pipe to establish what size it was so they could fit a stop vale to prevent water from pouring out while they fix the pipe. Picture: Rob Knowles.

WEDNESDAY – 26.7.2017:

Clr Ray Schenk visited the problem area this morning. To repair the pipeline is more complicated than anticipated. Parts are being sourced from PE and EL. Hopefully these will arrive early afternoon and will take the rest of the day to replace and repair. There will be no water today.

Ndlambe Municipal spokesperson,Cecil Mbolkwa issued a statement; “Please be advised that the water in the West bank area will not be available during the day as we have encountered a burst pipe along the bridge. We are busy working on the problem as we speak. The contractor is on site fixing the leaking pipe. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and water will be available later on today.”


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