DSG pupils knit for community secret scarf mission

Under the management and assistance of Sandra Nagel, Diocesan School for Girls pupils have been enthusiastically knitting scarves for this very creative community project. On Wednesday  July 13, the girls handed over 43 scarves of the 400 that were draped around the Grahamstown Church Square as a reminder of the spirit of giving which is inherent in Mandela Day. 









Anyone in the Grahamstown community was invited to take and wear a scarf. Unfortunately this event happened during school hours and the girls were not able to witness it; nevertheless they have been invited to contribute even more scarves to assist the Fort England Psychiatric Hospital community. A number of girls are still knitting and completing their scarves.

The Rhodes Business School extended a big thank you to all the girls who contributed towards this event which was born out of the ‘67 blankets for Madiba Day’ project.

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