Nelson Mandela brand a big money spinner

From colouring books to the signed autobiographies‚ there is no denying that Nelson Mandela’s name is a big money spinner, writes Petru Saal.

Also listed on the website is Nelson Mandela: The Man and the Movement by Mary Benson which will cost you R59‚577.93 ($4‚591.04) and a signed copy of Long Walk to Freedom R49‚961.45 ($3‚850.00).

The latest book by Madiba’s physician — Vejay Ramlakan — has sparked outrage and the Mandela family and the executors of his estate have threatened legal action. Ramlakan claims he had received permission from a family member to write the book. The individual was given a copy of the book prior to publication.

According to the Health Professions’ Council of SA‚ a doctor can circumvent his oath to respect doctor-patient confidentiality‚ in respect of a deceased patient‚ only if he has the written consent of the next-of-kin or of the executor of the deceased’s estate.

Mandela family welcomes withdrawal of controversial book written by Madiba’s doctor

Branding expert Raymond van Niekerk said the Nobel Peace Laureate has built a solid brand which consumers are willing to pay for to gain insight into the man.

“Mandela’s brand is almost like an aura in a sense. The Nelson Mandela brand is what most brands strive for‚ that authenticity. A lot of things will be written about him a lot of things will be said about him — the reality is he transcends almost anything‚” said Van Niekerk.

“Because of his background‚ because of his history‚ his struggle credentials‚ because of his 27 years on Robben Island and because of the way he unified the country when it was so easy to do the opposite‚ he has a bullet proof brand in a sense. I don’t think his brand can actually be harmed.”

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