PAHS set to make a difference in third term

DEPUTY headmaster of Port Alfred High School (PAHS), Ian Knott-Craig, launched the third term with the campaign entitled “Who I Am Makes a Difference.”

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND: Port Alfred High deputy headmaster, Ian Knott-Craig launched the “Who I Am Makes a Difference” campaign on Monday by means of a demonstration whereby Grade 5 pupil, Adam Schultz, balanced on a small cardboard square on top of a collection of toilet rolls

In the opening assembly on Monday he demonstrated, by means of an example, the difference between working alone and working together, and the impact this has on a community.

A somewhat surprised Grade 5 pupil, Adam Schultz, was called onto the stage handed a toilet roll and a large cardboard square.  As instructed by Knott-Craig, he carefully balanced the square on top of the roll. When told to stand on it, he hesitated.  Knott-Craig asked the pupils if they thought it would be a good idea for Adam to go ahead.

The unanimous reaction was, “no!”

Knott-Craig then called on the members of the audience who, perhaps, had toilet rolls to please come forward and place them under the square.  A cross section of teachers, Matrics and pupils from the senior, intermediate and foundation phases carefully lined their brightly painted toilet rolls under the square.

Schultz took the step and balanced without any damage or destruction.  Knott-Craig explained that the cardboard square represents the platform of life that each person has and explained that while the toilet roll was seemingly insignificant it actually has an important part to play.  This message, he said, underpins the philosophy that each person at PAHS is unique and can make a difference.

“Collectively the school community has a vital role in keeping the town alive and by working together there is great power and strength,” said Knott-Craig.

He then explained that he had singled out Schultz as it had come to his attention that this young man, acting on his own accord, provides a daily lunch pack to a friend in need.

The address ended with Knott-Craig issuing each pupil from Grades 4 to Matric with a set of 3 “who i am makes a difference” stickers.  Each pupil and teacher is to keep one for themselves and hand the other two to someone in their circle of influence who they believe “makes a difference” with an explanation as to what the campaign is all about.

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