Kowie History Museum stakeholders do great work

DEDICATION is important when running any organisation, but it is due to this important asset that the  Kowie History Museum (KHM) is running on an even keel.

This was the message from trustee and chairman Rob Crothall during his chairman’s report for the year at the museum’s AGM, held at the Ski-boat Club on Monday evening.

HISTORY BUFFS: The members of the Kowie History Museum attended the AGM at the Ski-boat Club last Friday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

“We have had a good year at the
museum and for that I need to thank our
curator, Yvonne Surtees, our trustees, our
desk helpers, and our members and
friends, all of whom have supported us
and, at times, spent considerable time
and resources on behalf of the museum,”
Crothall said.

More in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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