Institution for the blind comes to Port Alfred.

TOUCHING SCREEN: Edit Microsystems Blindness and Low Vision Project Manager Gerhard Erasmus is armed with the Brown-note Touch, which is a refreshable brail pad, which is one of the most incredible technological solutions of our time.

The Konwaba Training Institute opened its door for providing the service of empowering persons born without vision and sight. Thought-leader, Konwaba Training Institute founding managing director, and event organiser Nandi Bhali was moved to start this institution by compassion to those whom she felt had little access to the world provided by the world, a void which she aspired to filling, and now has done.

The Konwaba Training Institute is a school of learning which caters to persons with visual disabilities; they are providing a platform which promotes learning of technology, brail, and further skills towards accessing information and becoming active personalities irrespective of having been born blind.

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