Readers vote: Teetotallers outnumber Kowie binge drinkers

OUR recent online poll asked readers how much alcohol they consumed in a single week.

Sixty-Four readers voted. The highest percentage of votes (19 votes and 30% of the total) went with the option that they do not drink, and are teetotallers.

Thirteen voters (20%) said that they only consume alcohol over the weekends.

Ten votes (16%) went to those who drink five units of alcohol in a week, often as a daily occurrence.

Seven voters (11%) owned up to about 1-2 units each week, likely to be at social events.

Six voters (9%) admitted to being binge drinkers, drinking regularly.

Five voters (8%) said that they indulge in 2-5 units, which helps them to unwind after work irrespective of events.

Four voters (6%) claim to drink 2-4 units at most, twice a month at dinner parties or social events.


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