A new venue for night life

ZEST@NIGHT is the answer to the question of “What is there to be done in Port Alfred for gees?”

MOM ROOTS FOR SON: Gill Worrall, left, loving every moment of spending time with her son, Fin, right, one of many who will breathe life into Port Alfred at night time Picture: LEBOGANG TLOU

In addition to hosting local jazz musician Fin Worrall when he comes home from being a musical treat to witness in Cape Town, Zest@Night offers locals the space in which to meet and treat with one another in a peaceful, non-chaotic space, which births a homely feel at night.

Last Wednesday evening was ushered in by a serene jazzy atmosphere established by Worrall, a man of few words, whose sound speaks volumes of his inner workings as a performer.

Eventually, the faerie lights go on, and the air is soon filled with a combination of friendly, dulcet chatter and laughter, accompanied by clinking glasses as friends cheer to having made a great choice in meeting at the venue for an evening of community, all guided along by a serene and ongoing backing score played with love.

Worrall played at Zest from 4pm till 7pm that evening, and the night had only just begun in this enchanting space where the healing sounds never stop.

“Too few places are open at night, and Liefie [Zest owner Leandrè Marais] makes it possible,” said Fatimah Massicard, a sociable soul who was out at Zest@Night with her brother that evening.

Marais and her evening floor staff of Brenton Spence, who manages the bar and keeps everyone’s cup full, and Sharonè Snyman, who delivers the food with an endearing smile, and clear tables with the same flair, were pleased to serve.

In our turbulent economic period, many eyes are turning to tourism, culture and the arts sectors of our economy for the purpose of generating initiatives and opportunities to develop the local hospitality scene. With tourism and entertainment being seen as leading contributors to the economy of South Africa, when tourists come, they want to be entertained.

In Port Alfred, the feeling has been that there is nothing to do for people looking for in a night-life. However, Zest@Night now fills a void in our community, establishing a beautiful place to indulge in culture, art, great food and beautiful memories.


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