Murder at the sewage plant

ARMED robbers shot dead a security guard at the Port Alfred sewerage works last month.

The Port Alfred sewage plant in Centenary Park.

Although the incident occurred more than a month ago, it did not come to light until a source told TotT about it and we asked the police.

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender said it took place on July 5 at about 8pm. Two security guards were in the guardroom and heard people trying to push open the door from the outside.

One of the guards tried to block the door with a pole, but the robbers managed to force it open and get inside. One of the robbers grabbed the guard who tried to prevent their entry and a struggle ensued, during which the robber shot the guard in his upper body.

After he fell to the ground, the robbers searched him and his colleague and took cellphones, a panic button, a radio and other items and fled the scene.

The dead guard has been identified as Sivuyile Ncumani, 42.

“The motive for the murder is unknown and is being investigated,” Govender said. “No arrests have been made.”

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