Ocean storm surge driven by 8m-waves rams beachfront roads and embankments

The famous dune in the middle of Nahoon beach has suffered a mighty oceanic bite over the last two days building to the climax of a new moon tide and massive winter groundswell at dusk last night.

Crazy kids and some older board riders were catching the waves as they rebounded off the dune and would then ride them into the next oncoming wave with spectacular results. Grommet beginners were also surfing up the Nahoon river mouth, as swell pushed into rivers.

Damaged plants, bits of tar, and wooden debris flowed across both the Nahoon Reef and Corner carparks but the SA Masters Championships managed a full day of heats off Nahoon Corner, said champion surfer Wayne Monk Last night.

One surf photographer was happily snapping away from the back of her champ surfing partner Heather Clark’s bakkie when a wave compressed right in front of her sending a huge dollop of sandy seawater over the back of the bakkie and photographer, cameras and all.

Much loved Mermaid’s Pool at Reef was gone and replaced by large walls of water whacking into boulders and crags. Scores of people came down to witness the sea surge and there was some traffic parking chaos as they realised it was not safe to use the Corner parking lot.

By Mike Loewe – Daily Dispatch


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