Lets’ see some action, says Nkwinti

Ward 10 committee notes

THE Ward 10 committee was pushed to make more decisions for its constituents, by committee member Sxeaks Nkwinti at last Thursday’s ward committee meeting.

“If we have a mandate to represent our constituents, we should make decisions at the meeting and then verify them with our constituents and amend the decision if necessary,” said Nkwinti. “Items on the ward committee agenda take too long to be resolved.”

Nkwinti was speaking of the job charts and other perennial items that appear on ward committee agendas. When looking at the job charts Nkwinti said that some items were from last year and are still unresolved.

“We place items on the agenda, but with no time-frames or follow-ups,”  said Nkwinti.

For other items discussed at the Ward 10 committee, please get your copy of this week’s Talk of the Town.

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