When the water came crashing down

Family traumatised as a water tower collapses against their fence

A WATER tank, erected apparently by the municipality, could have caused a fatal accident when it collapsed onto the fence of a home in Joe Slovo Street, adjacent to Nomzamo Secondary School earlier this afternoon.

According to home-owner Ncediwe Mbimbi, whose property was damaged, the tower was erected around 2000, about eight years after she had moved into the house.

ALL FALL DOWN: This water tank and tower collapsed onto the property of a home in Joe Slovo Street on Thursday. Fortunately, no one was physically injured

“I was in the garden and was watching the tank in this high wind,” said Mbimbi. “It was dancing.”

Mbimbi said she had complained about the proximity of the tank, and the tower on which it sat when it was first erected. She said she had complained to the municipality on many occasions. She had also complained to the school.

But on Thursday at around 1pm it seemed the world had come crashing down on the Mbimbi family when the high winds caused the rusted tower to collapse.

“The sound of the tank crashing down scared us,” said Mbimbi. Her granddaughter who had witnessed the collapse was still shaking from the experience when this reporter arrived at the scene and saw the broken fence, paving and a broken window, all caused by the collapse of the water tank tower.

“Ward councillor [Thembani] Mazana was here in June and said he would speak with the school principal. He said it was not the municipality’s water tower, it was the responsibility of the department [of education]. But no one ever got back to us,” A shaken Mbimbi said.

We will follow up on this story and report back with comments from those involved in next week’s Talk of the Town.

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