Crime briefs last week with MultiSecurity

  • Last week Wednesday, cattle were reported on the road between Bathurst and the Shaw Park Road turn off. MultiSecurity control room informed Bathurst Saps and spoke to an officer who sent a vehicle to remove the cattle.
  • After midnight, Wednesday evening, a residence in Weald Street contacted the MultiSecurity control room and reported an unusual amount of barking in the area. The client requested that armed security patrol the area who then reported that they found a duiker moving through the area provoking the dogs. The MultiSecurity reaction officer said he did not see anything else suspicious.
  • Early Thursday morning, stray cattle were reported to be roaming at the 34 Air School and Thornhill turnoff. MultiSecurity reaction officers contacted Nemato SAPS and informed them to attend.
  • Last Thursday morning, a MultiSecurity reaction officer reported a motor vehicle accident involving two vehicles in Biscay Road. One of the vehicles reversed and hit the other with his back bumper, no injuries were reported.
  • Later in the afternoon, a break-in occurred in Keey Street. The MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from the premises and attended the scene. A MultiSecurity reaction officer reported a window of the parked vehicle was broken as well as the bathroom window was forced open but the burglar bars intact and a security beam ripped off from the wall. Upon more investigation, the MultiSecurity reaction officer found the suspect on the premises and identified him as one of the client’s workers.
  • Also Thursday afternoon in Boundary Road, a client requested armed response reporting a man who wants to stab her son. The man who wanted to stab the client’s son was identified as a beggar who stands by Steers.
  • A Port Alfred resident reported that one of his employees was assaulted and robbed of R3000 from his account at the Heritage Mall ATM last Thursday.
  • Stray cattle caused a traffic obstruction last Thursday evening near the Thornhill turn off, The MultiSecurity control room informed Nemato SAPS who were attending to other pressing issues and could not attend to the cattle.
  • Short before midnight on Thursday, stray cattle were again reported, the cattle had in the meantime moved to the Corner of Strand and High Street. SAPS dispatched a vehicle to remove the cattle.
  • In Falcon Street, Saturday afternoon, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from a residence. A MultiSecurity reaction officer responded and said the doors and security gate had not been locked and left open. The control room informed the client and they asked that the armed response to go into the house and check if everything is in order. The reaction officer reported that the house was undisturbed and managed to lock the door and closed the security gate.
  • Sunday evening, MultiSecurity control room received an alarm from a residence in Burke Close. A MultiSecurity reaction officer checked the premises and noticed that the front and back doors are closed but not locked, only the security gates were are locked.


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