Sunday Times: Eskom in hot seat over waste

On the front page of the Sunday Times:

Cash-strapped Eskom wants to burden South Africa’s consumers with a huge rate increase next year – while demanding that the Treasury approve the expansion of a contract to buy thousands of office chairs at an average of around R2‚600 each‚ the Sunday Times reported.

It said the utility – so mired in corruption and mismanagement scandals that it has been named the “biggest risk to the South African economy” – wanted an extra R24-million to buy 9‚217 “operator and visitor chairs”.

This is on top of an existing R72.7-million contract‚ signed in 2013‚ to supply office and “soft” chairs‚ the newspaper said. It said the latest request would have seen Eskom spend a total of R100-million so that its employees and visitors can sit comfortably.

By: Prega Govender And Sabelo Skiti – Sunday Times

Source: TMG Digital.

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