WATCH | Durban diver ‘swims’ along flooded road

A 20-year-old diver managed to lift a few spirits during Tuesday’s devastating storm by taking a “swim” along a flooded street‚ near the harbour in Durban.

Professional diver Tristan Roodt‚ who was in his wet suit‚ thought he would fool around and make a few people laugh.

“There was panic everywhere as people were caught in the storm. I had just returned from a job and was still in my wet suit when I thought why not make a video of myself swimming. It definitely got people laughing‚” said Roodt.

Fellow diver Chad Garrett‚ who recorded the video and posted it on Facebook‚ said Roodt got excited and decided to go “for a swim” – past partially submerged cars and trucks.

“We had been standing by for any possible calls when Tristan decided to do something funny to lighten up the mood‚” said Garrett.



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