Dr Duda shared his gig money three ways before Mi Casa got ‘big’

Dr Duda shares memories form Mi Casa's early days.
Dr Duda shares memories form Mi Casa’s early days.  Image: Via Instagram
Mi Casa bandmates J’Something and Mo-T have given props to Dr Duda, who they revealed shared money from his own gigs when they began.

Speaking to Trending SA, they gave Duda credit for bringing the band together and being selfless.

“A story you don’t know about Dr Duda is that he actually used to share his Dr Duda money between me and J because no one would book us as Mi Casa. Nobody knew who who we were, so when he got a gig he would say, ‘hey, but I got these boys’ and he would share his cash with us,” Mo-T said.

Dr Duda laughed it off and joked that all he gets these days are some burgers from J’Something’s restaurant when he’s broke.

J’Something added that the first time he met DJ Black Coffee, the DJ told him that Duda was one of the best producers in SA.

Watch the rest of the interview here:

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