WATCH | Deep breath as daredevil flies over SA powered by 100 balloons


A British adventurer has flown almost 2,500m above South Africa attached to 100 helium balloons in a scene reminiscent of Pixar’s much-loved film Up.

While the elderly widower in the hit comedy attached his house to balloons, Tom Morgan had only a camping chair for his ambitious balloon trip.

The Bristol daredevil travelled 24km attached to the balloons, which his team spent two days inflating.

Bad weather forced them to move the attempt from Botswana to near Johannesburg.

Morgan, 38, who founded the Adventurists organisation in 2004, says: “We hold what we like to think are proper adventures, the sort where you have to use your own cunning; no guides, no rules and plenty of mayhem.”

He says they’re “fighting to make the world less boring” and their adventures so far include rickshaw-driving across the Himalayas and motorbiking across a frozen Siberian lake.

“We live to find ways to make the world a bit more difficult. To bring chaos into our over-sanitised lives. To create adventures where you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if you’ll even make it to the end.

“We think there’s no greater moment than those seconds when you leap into an abyss of uncertainty and disaster.”

Morgan’s ambition is to launch a helium balloon race.






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