MultiSecurity crime briefs: Knife fight between landlord and tenant

AN argument over a place to sit turned into a knife fight between a tenant and landlord of a business in Runeli Drive, Nemato last Sunday afternoon.

MultiSecurity responded to a panic signal at the shop and called the police when they discovered what had taken place. The MultiSecurity response officer said the shop owner and the landlord had been arguing over a place to sit outside the shop. The landlord took out a knife and stabbed the shop owner above the eye and on his arm. The shop owner also took a knife and stabbed his landlord in the arm. Gardmed was called cleaned up both the landlord and shop owner’s wounds.

  • After requesting armed response in regard to two broken windows at his house last Saturday, a Caxton Lane resident later decided not to pursue a case when he learned his girlfriend was the culprit.

MultiSecurity said it looked like a fight had broken out at the premises and the police also attended but found no one at home.

  • Around 8pm last Saturday, armed response was requested at the R72 Saloon after the owner learned that an unknown person had allegedly offered to pay the car guard money to leave the site unattended. The owner asked armed response to convince the guard that it is in his best interest to stay.
  • A few hours later, the same evening, MultiSecurity reaction officers were informed of a theft that occurred at the Port Alfred truck stop. The night watchman reported that there had been someone stealing pineapples from a truck. MultiSecurity attended and reported that the suspect had left the area.
  • A break-in occurred at the Kowie Bowling Club in the early hours of last Sunday morning. MultiSecurity reaction officers attended alongside the club manager and reported that the burglars forced open the kitchen window and the burglar bars to gain entry. The burglars stole a microwave and food.
  • A Hi-Tec guard at Rosehill phoned the MultiSecurity control room around midday last Sunday requesting armed response. He reported that a man was trying to purchase items at different stores with a stolen Capitec credit card. The man made a purchase at Pep Stores as well as Lady Bird before leaving the centre.

The reaction officer viewed the CCTV footage and saw the man climb into a taxi and leave the premises. The reaction officer managed to track down the taxi and apprehend the thief. A case of fraud was opened with SAPS.

  • Shortly before midnight on Monday, burglars attempted a break in at a shop in Station Hill. The MultiSecurity control room received a panic from the premises and the reaction officers’ attended. The reaction officers made contact with the client’s wife who reported that the suspects tried to break in by forcing a back security door open. The owner surprised the burglars in the act who then fled the scene.
  • On Monday morning, a break-in occurred at a business in Albany Road. SAPS as well as MultiSecurity reaction officers attended the scene. The burglars had gained access through a hole in the fence they made at the back of the yard. They then removed a window at the security guard office. They cut the cable to the radio and removed the safe, opened all the cupboards and cut the wires from the energizer to the electric fence. The burglars stole drills, grinders, cash registers as well as DVR cameras. A case was opened.
  • A break-in was reported in William Cock Road Monday evening. The MultiSecurity control room received a panic signal from the premises. MultiSecurity reaction officers attended the scene and reported that the burglars had gained entry by breaking the window of one of the bedrooms which had no burglar bars. The burglars tried to steal the TV and DVD player but they dropped the items when armed security arrived and fled. SAPS attended and a case was opened.
  • On Sunday evening, a resident in West Beach Drive reported to MultiSecurity that some people had made a fire in the parking area at Kelly’s Blue Flag Beach. Control room informed a MultiSecurity response officer and the police, who attended and told the people they may not braai at that specific spot. The people packed up their stuff and left the scene.



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