Kids leave their mark at Outdoor Focus

THE little ones from Tigger Tots had a fun and exciting day last Friday at Outdoor Focus and Kiddies Beach.

MAKING OUR MARK: Tigger Tots little ones had a fun day leaving their handprints on the newly painted boundary wall at Outdoor Focus. The wall is the first thing you see as you head down to Kiddies Beach. The children are pictured with Outdoor Focus manager Renae Purdon, left, and principal Sharon Lemmer Picture: LOUISE CARTER

Manager of Outdoor Focus, Renae Purdon, invited the school to come and decorate the newly painted boundary wall at Outdoor Focus and give children the opportunity not only to leave their special marks but to also “take back” Kiddies Beach.

Each child painted their hands, and left their prints on the wall in different colours. Purdon said her goal was to systematically invite all schools in the area and give each child the chance to either paint a picture or leave their prints on the wall.

“I want to bring the community together and give them something they can be involved with and feel proud of. It’s something for the children to do that’s different, and it’s a symbol that we as adults are going to help the children to claim back Kiddies beach as a safe, clean and happy area,” said Purdon.

“When they come here, they can always feel proud of the part they played. Art is a great way to inspire people,” Purdon said.

After the fun paint activity, the little ones enjoyed a delicious soft serve ice cream before spending the rest of the afternoon playing on the beach.

Outdoor Focus is open for children’s parties and aims to host regular “Kid’s Day” activities from next year.  “There is not much for children in this town, and we want to change that,” said Purdon.

The area is cleaned up and patrolled daily and Purdon has in the past spent hours clearing broken glass that was scattered around the pathways of the entrance to Kiddies Beach.

“As management we have taken steps to ensure the entire Kiddies Beach area is safe, clean and a family

There are six dustbins in the area, when you visit the area, leave no trace of your visit by removing your litter,” Purdon said.

“Kiddies Beach is going to again be a safe place for everyone. We will report any unsocial behaviour, please adhere to the policies: no nudity, no drinking. If you bring your dogs, bring a poop bag,” said Purdon.

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