Book now to ensure your seat at Tash’s Craft Bar for the show of the season – UNORTHODOX JUKEBOX

A great show next Sunday evening

Why bother cooking when you can enjoy one of Tash’s delicious burgers (beef or chicken) and chips, plus an evening of entertainment?

DANCING QUEENS: Sasha Badenhorst, left, and Melissa du Randt will be a part of the show at Tash’s Craft Bar on Sunday November 26

Get ready for a great night out on November 26 when Scott Harvey and Rob Knowles, aided by Melissa du Randt and Sasha Badenhorst, will be putting on a show full of songs, laughter and dancing at Tash’s Craft Bar at the small boat harbour.


“Following the departure of Jeanne “Flame” Harris Meter to her home in the States, Rob and I decided to put on a show toward the end of the year,’ said Harvey.

“It’s not a cabaret like Flame used to produce, but it has a lot of sing-along songs and comedy, and dancing.”

SONGSTERS: Scott Harvey, left, and Rob Knowles will provide some musical entertainment for Unorthodox Jukebox, a one-off show at Tash’s Craft Bar on Sunday November 26

“We’ll be doing songs from the fifties and sixties and seventies,” said Knowles, “as well as some newer songs and even a few origin songs.”

Harvey is known for his love of anything Elvis, but will also do some songs from Simon and Garfunkel, Johnny Cash and others. Knowles is responsible for the comedy and will also be singing some Beatles, Cat Stevens and others as well as a few original pieces he has been anxious to share with an audience.

Of course, Du Randt and Badenhorst will be dancing and, Du Randt will also be accompanying Harvey and Knowles in a few duets.

“This is going to be the best show yet,” said Scott. “But that’s not difficult as it’s our first.”

“Leave the comedy to me,” said Knowles.

Unorthodox Jukebox will take place at Tash’s Craft Bar, at the small boat harbour on Sunday November 26. Tickets are R130 each and include one of Tash’s famous beef or chicken burger and chips. The show starts at 6pm, so have your Sunday evening supper at Tash’s and be entertained and set yourself up for the week ahead.

Tickets are available from the venue and at Standerwick Nursery in town, or call Tash on 076-707-0963, or Scott on 076-933-7803.

THE CREW: Standing at the old railway station are the performers for Unorthodox Jukebox, a one-off show at Tash’s Craft Bar (the old Spur building) on Sunday November 26

“Support local talent. We would love to see you there,” said Harvey.