Give Mugabe asylum in SA: EFF

The EFF has called on the ANC to be decisive “for once in their lives” and grant Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe asylum.

“This will advance peace in Zimbabwe and provide even better conditions for Zimbabweans to move faster into a better future under a democratic civilian rule‚” EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a statement on Saturday.

“As a matter of fact‚ he does not need any passport to come and live in South Africa and we shall never confine our relationship with him as an African leader to colonially imposed borders.”

The party said Mugabe “remains one of us despite his many mistakes”.

The EFF lambasted the DA for opposing possible asylum for Mugabe because he is suspected of having committed human rights violations.

“This is despite the fact that no court of law in the world has ever found President Mugabe guilty of human rights violation‚ neither are there any credible courts in the world that have put such allegations against him‚” the EFF said.

The EFF accused the DA of being hypocritical‚ because some of its members are politicians from the apartheid era.

“These characters have never been held responsible within our law in relation to their role under apartheid because our people chose peace and reconciliation over vengeance.”

The EFF believed the DA’s “anti-pan-Africanist position” was driven by vengeance for “white Rhodesians” whose farms were taken.

“In the name of the properties of these whites‚ DA wants South Africa to reject Mugabe as a form of punishment.”
They added that the DA had “no shame” about associating with leaders who allegedly commit crimes against humanity such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“They never rush to courts to stop state visits of USA presidents to our country despite their records of human rights violations in Iraq‚ Afghanistan and Libya. This is because‚ for the DA‚ only black African leaders must be punished.”

By: Nico Gous – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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