RIP Lee-anne Lombard

Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Lee-anne Lombard, whose life ended far too soon on Saturday, November 18, in Dubai.

Special thoughts are with her mother Nadia, father Jean, step-mom Jeanette, brother Shaun and the many friends who loved her dearly.

Lee travelled extensively and worked in various countries, having settled in Dubai where she was the outlet manager of Girders and the Garden at the Ocean View Hotel. She won many accolades and awards for her outstanding work.

Having attended Port Alfred High School in Port Alfred, Lee excelled at school, and especially on the sports arena where she was a competitive swimmer and overall excellent sportswoman. She also entered beauty pageants, and won! Whatever she put her mind to, she carried through and achieved.

In more recent years, she was a spirited presenter on the erstwhile Kowie FM, where her soulful voice and laughter could be heard over the airwaves.

Lee was a vivacious soul who lived life to the full, and always with a smile. Her bubbly personality would light up a room, and she was always the life of a party.

She will be sorely missed by many friends all over the world.

RIP, Lee – spread your wings and fly angel.

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  1. Lee Anne I just talking about you a few days ago to my daughter who is a USA swimmer.So told her that when you and I would race, I never had a chance! You were such an awesome swimmer! Someone whom i wanted to swim like. A champion to say the least. Rest In Peace Lee! Sending my condolences to your family!

  2. Can someone please explain what happened?
    Is there going to be a service in Dubai?
    or able to contribute with some money?

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