IN FULL: Mashaba celebrates victory over ANC’s motion of no confidence

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has survived a motion of no confidence brought by the ANC in the Johannesburg City Council.

Mashaba won by 140 votes against 121. Below is a statement released by Mashaba on Thursday night after the vote.

Johanesburg major, Herman Mashaba


30 November 2017

Today‚ the Council upheld the will of Johannesburg’s residents by voting against the ANC’s motion of no confidence in the Speaker of Council‚ Councillor Vasco da Gama‚ and myself.
Since the ANC first indicated its intention to table motions of no confidence against the Speaker and myself‚ we have welcomed the opportunity to defend our record in cleaning up the corrupt mess left behind by ANC.
Today’s motion by the ANC was nothing more than a desperate attempt at regaining control of the City’s purse in order to continue the corruption which they had championed for so long.

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Due to the ANC’s unashmed corrupt rule‚ this multi-party government has uncovered fraud and corruption worth just over R16.2-billion. Over 2500 matters are at various stages of investigation. This has resulted in the arrest of over 600 people‚ the suspension of over 100 employees‚ the dismissal of 7 and the resignation of 13.

Truth be told‚ the ANC is finally feeling the pinch of not being able to loot the City for itself and its cronies. This has been the driving force behind this motion of no confidence.
Fortunately‚ the City’s Council saw the ANC motion for what it was.

The ANC’s loss in Council today is not only a victory for the democratic will of our residents‚ but a victory for hard working civil servants within Johannesburg as well.
It is time for the ANC to make peace with the fact that the people of Johannesburg voted for a multi-party government‚ made of different political parties and perspectives; a multi-party government for change. 2

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A multi-party government which would signal a new beginning for the City of Johannesburg.
A multi-party government which will work to uplift the forgotten poor people of Johannesburg and deliver quality services to all residents.
We will relentlessly continue our fight against corruption.
We will continue to bring change to Johannesburg by delivering title deeds to our poorest residents‚ extending operating hours at clinics and libraries‚ upgrading infrastructure in informal settlements‚ cleaning and revitalising Johannesburg’s inner city so as to create work opportunities and provide more housing for residents‚ and by prioritised the safety of our residents through the recruitment of 1 500 new JMPD trainee officers.
This is only the beginning of the change which we promised the residents of Johannesburg.
I want to thank all our coalition partners for their continued support. Though not a coalition partner‚ I also want to thank the Economic Freedom Fighters for their continued robust interaction with our government as we jointly work to ensure a better life for all our residents.
Lastly‚ but in no way least‚ I want to thank the residents and civil servants of our city for faith they have shown our administration.

Cllr Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor


Source: TMG Digital.

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