Search for theft scam suspects

Port Alfred detectives are searching for two black male suspects who were involved in a theft scam involving a large sum of cash.

One of them is in possession of a police appointment certificate that’s in a wallet.

The first suspect is wearing an orange/maroon jersey, brown corduroy trousers and black shoes. He is bald and is cleanly shaven. The second suspect is wearing a black cotton lumber jacket, khaki trousers, black Panama hat. He is short in height, dark complexion, also bald.

Both suspects approached the victim who had just left an atm in town. She was in the company of a relative when the incident occurred. 

According to the victim, they left a local ATM after making a withdrawal. On the way to a local mall, one of the suspects dropped a packet that was filled with cash. The victim picked up the packet after which the second suspect confronted the victim and asked if they picked up money. He then threatened the victim and produced a police ID, demanding them to hand over whatever money they have. The suspect then gave them directions of where to go to have their fingerprints taken at a local chain store. The victims did as they were told and when they returned to where the “policeman” was he had disappeared with all the cash. This is now the new trend suspects are using to rob unsuspecting victims. 

The SAPS will not: 
*seize or ask you to hand any of your belongings without giving you a reasonable explanation, and should we confiscate your property, you will be requested to accompany the police officer to the police station.
We will also not ask for you to go and have your fingerprints taken at a chain store!

The community is urged never hand over any of your property to any person.
Be aware of your surroundings when drawing out cash.

If you are not comfortable and suspect that you being followed get to a busy place.

Do not pick up parcels that have been dropped by someone, rather alert the person who has dropped the package.

We believe that these suspects were watching the victims and followed them.

Enquiries Captain Mali Govender 0827797123

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