Woman attacked in Beach Road

A PORT ALFRED woman was left feeling shattered after she was attacked and robbed during an early morning walk on Saturday.

Gail Bussi was walking along Beach Road, coming from the direction of the Port Alfred CBD when suddenly a man attacked her from behind, putting a knife to her throat. According to Bussi he forcefully dragged her behind the electrical substation where he threatened her and stole two cell phones and an undisclosed amount of money.

SAPS spokeswoman captain Mali Govender confirmed the incident and said the attacker was described as a young black man. He allegedly tore Bussi’s T-shirt and used it to tie her ankles and wrists.

“No one was around or coming down the road. I really thought my life was over or at least I was going to be raped,” Bussi said in a Facebook post which was shared on TotT’s Facebook group.

She described the man as a young, in his 20s, and very abusive towards her. Bussi said she tried to keep calm and follow his orders. According to the SAPs report, the man threatened to kill her if Bussi screamed for help.

Bussi said he shoved her to the ground and beat her around her face and then ran off into the bushes after threatening to rape her. Bussi managed to loosen her wrists and run into the road.

“I rushed out and tried to stop a couple of cars to take me to the police station, but no one would stop – can’t really blame people these days,” she said.

By some coincidence she saw her mother who was driving towards town. Her mother stopped and took her to the police station.

Bussi commended the kindness and support of the local SAPS and is grateful to have escaped the attack with only losing two phones and some money.

“Thank you God and angels for keeping me safe today, sadly I think some of my early walks will have to be curtailed, which I hate and please people, be aware and be safe,” she said.

Bussi said she had a pepper spray but it was in the rucksack on her back which he grabbed.

Govender said no arrests had been made but a case of robbery is under investigation.

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