When the older learn from the younger

Happy Hours kids perform Christmas songs for Damant Lodge residents and let them know about crime prevention as well as teaching them how to make Christmas decorations

The children from Happy Hours performed a Christmas concert for the residents of Damant Lodge on Monday morning.

Explaining the story of the nativity through song, the children sang about the shepherds, the sheep and cattle and the three wise men as well as Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus.

At the end of the concert (which concluded with a song about Santa getting stuck in the chimney) Damant manager, Christine Haworth, said that perhaps the kids could leave a window open to prevent Santa getting stuck, to which the children argued that such a thing might encourage burglars.

Wise indeed.

And later the children helped the “grannies” to make Christmas decorations which they could keep to hang on their doors.

Again, a case of the young teaching the old…

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