Eight-year-old girl dies on R72 after being hit by a vehicle

A case of culpable homicide has been opened for investigation after an eight-year-old allegedly entered the roadway (R72), near Klipfontein, right in front of a vehicle on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon.

The body was covered by emergency personnel while lying on the road surface. All services arrived on the scene speedily, said police spokesperson, Captain Mali Govender.

“The challenge we experience is that motorists driving past such scenes tend to be inquisitive and hold up other traffic. Some even take pictures as they drive by. Unfortunately, we are extremely busy and it’s not possible to control such behavior. The public need to show respect to the services working as well as the victims’ families. I am now referring to passer-by’s as well as people on the scene. Controlling public opinion and posts is not possible especially with everyone having easy access to phones with cameras and internet. An appeal is made to the community to refrain from taking pictures of crime scenes,” Govender said.


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