LETTER – To all the crew of NSRI Port Alfred

To all the crew of NSRI Port Alfred

We would like to thank all of you for your professional dedication to sea rescue after our son flipped our boat in the river mouth in a bad swell. Your swift response was amazing. We don’t know how you all get from your homes to the station, suited up and out that mouth so quickly. The speed at which you respond is simply fantastic.

The way the crew handled the situation was fantastic – from the chap who stayed with Connor on the beach making sure he was ok, as he had taken a bump to the head, to Juan who was beach support and organised the recovery of the boat. Juan, Aiden, Werner and the other men who recovered the boat we thank you, you could have given up and left it to beach itself hours later. You stayed on the beach and made sure that you recovered the boat in very testing conditions, we thank you for that.

The NSRI of Port Alfred is a credit to the town and we are lucky to have such competent people who volunteer for this type of work.

Anyone looking to give back this is the crew to give donations to.

Thank you once again

Wayne, Lindsay, Joshua, Connor and Barry

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