Road closures and diversions – New Year’s Day

EC: Port Alfred Cluster: 2017-12-29

Due to the high volumes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on our coast on New year’s day the following areas will be affected in terms of traffic:

Officers policing the Ox Braai at the Bathurst Show Grounds today.
Ox braai revellers

At Birha mouth- there will be no road closures however the traffic will be diverted and the road treated as one way. Left to enter and right to exit. No vehicles except Emergency vehicles will be allowed to park close to the beach. SAPS and traffic officers will be on patrol with the assistance of Marshalls.

There will be no diversions at Hamburg this year.

In Port Alfred patrons can also expect traffic diversions at entrances to the beach. Officials will be present to direct traffic. 

Adults who are accompanying young children to ensure that they are taken care of. 

At Kenton on Sea traffic diversions will also take place. 

In order to enjoy a safe New Year’s Day the community is once again urged to adhere to the rules that have been put in place to avoid congestion!

Wishing you all a safe and blessed festive season!

Enquiries Captain Govender 0827797123

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