UPDATE: Car hauled from river

It was not a good start to the New Year for the owner of an Audi Sedan when his car landed on the banks of the Kowie River on New Year’s evening.

Travelling down Van der Riet Street, the driver continued where the road becomes gravel, and ended up going over the river bank and landing below on the dry stone river bed.


UNMARKED PARKING: The Audi sedan landed on the stone river bed during low tide after riding off the road.

The four occupants – three adults and an infant, were unscathed, but shaken by the incident.

The driver of the dark Audi sedan had apparently been going the wrong way on route to Grahamstown.

Fortunately it was low tide or the vehicle would have landed in the water.

Police and emergency personnel were remarkably quick to reach the scene.

It was too dark last night to retrieve the vehicle, and the towing service left it until this morning to remove the vehicle from the river’s edge which was a challenging three hour operation.

During the course of the evening the vehicle was submerged when the tide came in.

FAST TO ACT: Emergency personnel on the scene.

Van der Riet Street ends in gravel that runs all the way to the stone river bank, with no clear signage indicating the danger ahead or that the road has ended.

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BREAKING NEWS: Car rides over river bank

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