4 000 without places at schools

Four thousand Eastern Cape pupils have not been placed in schools.

This is despite the extensive efforts, including the Early Bird campaign, by the provincial Department of Education to ensure that pupils re-enrolled on time.

According to the department, those not placed included pupils whose parents had made multiple applications.

Department spokesman Malibongwe Mtima said the problem was that parents wanted their children at specific schools and were reluctant to take the option of a second school. “There are enough schools. “While some are filled to capacity, [other] schools are under-enrolled,” Mtima said.

The department said no school in the province would be allowed to manage late pupil admissions in teaching contact time when schools reopen on Wednesday.

Parents still looking for places for their children will have to go to the schools in the afternoon or report to their nearest education district office where a task team dealing with late admissions will direct them.

By Aretha Linden


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