Whale carcass removed from beach

The carcass of a 15-metre humpback whale that washed up on Strand beach in Cape Town was removed on a low-loader on Saturday.

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Part of the beach was closed for the removal of the carcass, and a crowd of locals turned out to watch the whale being winched aboard the truck with the help of heavy earth-moving equipment.

The carcass was then due to be taken to a landfill site.

Whale carcass forces closure of Cape Town beach

A city council spokesman said on Friday: “The city’s coastal management team has reported that a large male humpback whale carcass of approximately 15m in length has washed ashore west of the Lourens River in Paardevlei. The cause of death is not yet known.

“The removal of the carcass will begin tomorrow at low tide. The beach area will be closed to the public tomorrow once the machines go on site.”

The spokesman added:  “Odours may linger after the carcass has been removed.”


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