Woman stabbed and robbed on morning jog

A WOMAN was robbed and stabbed near the corner of Albany Road and Bathurst Street while on her morning jog at about 6am on Sunday morning.

MultiSecurity control room informed armed response who attended to the woman. A reaction officer reported that the woman was bleeding badly and asked permission to take her to the hospital. The woman was taken to Port Alfred hospital where she was admitted. She had been stabbed in the eye and knocked over the head with a blunt object.

The woman’s husband arrived and said they lived in York Road. Her cell phone was stolen during the attack. The reaction officer reported that by the time he left the hospital, the SAPS had not yet arrived.

  • Last Wednesday evening a resident in Van der Riet Street reported that three men had jumped over a neighbour’s fence and were sitting on his jetty. A MultiSecurity reaction officer was informed who attended and asked the men to leave.
  • On Saturday afternoon, MultiSecurity control room received a message on an emergency group reporting that a man was hitting a woman near the fire department in Bathurst Street. A reaction officer was in the area and attended the scene. The woman, a Station Hill resident, said the man is her boyfriend. She went home and the man left in a different direction.
  • MultiSecurity control room received a panic from a residence in Greenmantle Drive. Two reaction officers attended who reported that their client pressed the panic button because a duiker was stuck in the security gate on the premises. Control room informed the SPCA and fire control who then attended and set the duiker free.
  • MultiSecurity control room received a panic on Sunday evening from Sylhet Mini Market. Armed response made contact with a guest of the client who reported that tyres were stolen off his white Nissan bakkie.

SAPS arrived on the scene and opened a case.  The complainant spotted the thief nearby who he could identify by name, but he ran away. Armed response reported that the tyres were recovered at a nearby clinic.

  • In the early hours of Monday morning in Robertson Road a resident phoned in and reported that there were three suspicious men moving in the direction of Smith Street. A MultiSecurity reaction officer attended and patrolled the area but reported that he did not see any suspicious behaviour.

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