‘I want to show people what South Africans are really made of‚’ says Miss Universe Demi-Leigh

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters could not wait to indulge in some of her mom’s chicken curry the moment she got home last week.

Demi-Leigh‚ who has been living it up in the States since she scooped the Miss Universe crown in November touched down in Mzansi last Wednesday for a week of celebrations.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the Sun Met this past‚ Demi-Leigh said even though all eyes have been on her since she took the crown‚ she doesn’t feel pressure to be anything but herself.

Demi-Leigh said she aimed to add some Mzansi finesse into everything she did around the world and to give people an authentic view of SA.

“It’s been amazing so far‚ all I want to do is take South Africa to the world. I am Miss Universe‚ but I really prioritise representing South Africa. I am an ambassador for South Africa‚ I hope to take a little bit of my country everywhere I go and show people what South Africans are really made of.”

Demi-Leigh stepped into her “new life” immediately after being crowned in November‚ and in addition to missing her pooch terribly‚ she said she missed the great Mzansi weather.

“The first thing I realised I missed about home was the summer weather‚ the African skies because you may take it for granted but all I see skyscrapers around me in New York. I also miss a good barbecue‚ I mean braai‚” she said before bursting into a cute laugh.

Even though she misses home terribly‚ Demi-Leigh has been living a dream come true‚ which has been a “daily inspiration” to her.

“I get to meet people I have looked up to since I was a little girl. I mean‚ I recently attended the Golden Globes recently. I was in the same room as Oprah‚ Angelina Jolie and so on‚ it is a daily inspiration.”

By: Chrizelda Kekana

Source: TMG Digital.