Epic promise

FOR POSTERITY: Now part of Port Alfred lore, a tale about former mayor Mike Neave

Serendipity with Bev Young

TO lighten the atmosphere, and wipe the tears away, this came up.

There is a photograph in the pub of the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club of a man kissing another on his bare butt while their mates watch, appreciatively.

It seems this butt belonged to the town’s mayor at the time, Mike Neave. The kisser, the commodore, Brian Shelver. This was clearly a high-level affair.

They were all fishing along Cape Padrone, a desolate place backed by a huge dunefields. It’s damnably difficult terrain, even for a 4×4. Quite a few beers later, a dispute arose between Mike and Brian about the best way out.

Mike said he knew the route, Brian said he must be off his rocker, and backed it with a comment: “If we get out that way I’ll kiss your arse on the town hall steps”. They did get out. Mike wasn’t about to let him off the promise.

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