Old Forts in the greater region

SOLID STRUCTURE: The fort at Trompetter’s Drift – a view from the north west side

Serendipity with Bev Young

THE Great Fish River crossing and fort were named after Hans Trompetter, leader of a group of Kohekohe who settled next to the fort.

An abiding interest in old forts has taken me to so many incredible outposts in the Lower Albany region. A fort being a place of protection and refuge, most of them are built as you see in the accompanying photograph. The exception is Fort Beaufort’s Martello Tower, which is round.

In the years known as the 100 year war, Frontier Wars 1779-1879 (naturally with gaps in-between) the British government built them as they were able, given materials, labour and urgency.

We only have one “fort” in our immediate area, derelict now. And this one in exceptional condition is on the East London road, east of Grahamstown.


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