HOW IT ONCE WAS: A 2002 photograph of the double storey shop on the corner of Main and Van der Riet streets

Van der Riet Street treasure

Serendipity with Bev Young

I AM almost sure, that there is hardly a person in this town who has not seen this double storey shop on the corner of Van der Riet Street.

My complaint is about the disinterest of the historical bodies who overlook the Victorian treasures, allowing them to be trashed in favour of the “slum lords”, who will eventually apply to demolish them, citing a string of excuses.  Go and look at that building today and see the terrible condition it is in now.

From cafe, to boarding house, this building has undergone numerous changes in its estimated life of almost 170-plus years (circa 1840 to 2017). It was first a single storey, then built up, and then a balcony was added. The back of the building is vast, almost a hall.

Van der Riet Street has so few genuine Victorian homes left. We have to save them.

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