St Andrew’s pipe band strikes a chord at Knysna Celtic Festival

LAST weekend the St Andrew’s College pipe band made the trip to Knysna to take part in the annual Knysna Celtic Festival.

The St Andrew’s College pipe band

The intermittent showers and occasional sunshine that peeked through the clouds from time to time made it a hard day for finding tone, but nevertheless, the band remained focused and confident.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s success at Wynberg Boys High, the St Andrew’s band yet again set out to play in an open competition, this time as the only school band in the contest up against four other adult bands.

The band took part in the selection contest and delivered a mature performance that got the judges thinking. The result would be that the St Andrew’s band would claim third place and successfully build on the good reputation that is now becoming a norm at competitions. Drum major Sanele Mboto commanded the band well in the street march and was named the best drum major of the day, competing against two adult drum majors.

In the solo competition there was a small, but competitive field. All pipers and drummers gave of their best, some of them competing in particular events for the first time. Leading tip, Andre Renaud pitted himself against senior opposition for the first time in the Open March, Strathspey and Reel event and came fourth.

The Novice Piping competition was hotly contested by the band’s pipers. St Andrew’s Prep pupils Christopher Pretorius, emerged victorious as the overall winner of the day, with Arran Hepburn finishing in second place. Pipe major Jonathan Campbell led the band to a successful quartet victory as the band mustered the last of their strength at the end of a long day to put on a good performance.

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