Surfers stoked at first KBC contest


THE first King of the Kowie for the year, run by the Kowie Boardriders Club (KBC), was held last Saturday.

Contestants met up at East Beach at 7.30am in chilly, overcast, and drizzly weather. It was decided that the waves were good and so the contest was announced as “on”. There were 19 heats scheduled for the day and the Open men’s heat 1 started the day off.

Joao Felizardo took on the role of “Strider, the international celebrity surf commentator” and kept the spectators entertained and laughing throughout the day.

“The waves were contestable in the morning but the conditions were trying later on in the afternoon with a three to four foot swell running,” he said.

New KBC chairman Sunny Hill, who was elected at the AGM later that day, said the club looked forward to having “Strider” at future KBC events.

[pullquote]There were some really high scoring rides by the likes of Andrew Laverge, Warwick Heny, Dane “River” Cox, and Andrew Donaghy[/pullquote]

“This King of the Kowie was run extremely well by contest director Mickey Witthuhn and head judge Justin Maddocks as they incorporated every contestant, including the Groms to get involved with judging heats and learning how to score wave rides,” Hill said.

There were some really high scoring rides by the likes of Andrew Laverge, Warwick Heny, Dane “River” Cox, and Andrew Donaghy.

“The vibe was incredible the whole day as the reggae and surf rock tunes played in the background. Another bonus to the day was a sponsorship from Ed Gutsche giving all contestants a delicious boerie roll and some beers for the older guys later in the evening.

“Eaden Young also donated some awesome key rings. Thanks guys, it is much appreciated,” Hill said.

The contest day ended off with a new addition to the King of the Kowie – a BodySurfing Final surfed at West Beach in strong, rippy currents and “whomping” (thumping) beach breaks.

Kye Macgregor and Andrew Laverge were extreme in this bodysurfing final.

“All in all it was a totally stoked day and we look forward to the next King of the Kowie later in the year,” Hill said.

The day ended with the prize giving on the deck at Guido’s, followed by the KBC AGM where a new committee was voted in consisting of: Sunny Hill – chairman, Richard Heny – secretary, Roxy Menin – treasurer, Jessie Bohnen – media liaison officer, Mickey Witthuhn – contest director, and David Macgregor – development.

The new committee will be getting together soon to discuss the date of the second series of the King of the Kowie and will post notices to this effect on the club Facebook page and by e-mail to the members. This was Dane Cox’s last King of the Kowie as he is leaving for New Zealand in the next week. The KBC wished him well on his future journey.



Grom Boys: 1 Carl Wiersma

Grom Girls: 1 Chenoah Rostron

U16: 1 Kaine Heny, 2 Calvin Rostron, 3 Luke Swart

U18: 1 Andrew Laverge, 2 Kye Macgregor, 3 Jess Christie, 4 Tristan Stanley

Over 40: 1 Warwick Heny, 2 Andrew Donaghy, 3 Anton Wiersma, 4 Richard Downey, 5 Steve Palmer

Over 45: 1 Richard Heny, 2 Dave Macgregor, 3 Justin Maddocks

Over 55: 1 Pete Britz, 2 Carl Wurz

Longboard: 1 Dave Macgregor 2 Richard Heny, 3 Justin Maddocks, 4 Pete Britz, 5 Jerome Boulle

Legends: 1 Jerome Boulle

Bodysurfing: 1 Kye Macgregor, 2 Andrew Laverge, 3 Shayne Minnot, 4 Sunny Hill, 5 Calvin Rostron

Kneeboarding: 1 Anton Wiersma, 2 Brad Labuschagne, 3 Steve Palmer

Open: 1 Warwick Heny, 2 Andrew Laverge, 3 Dane Cox, 4 Kye Macgregor

The results for last year’s King of the Kowie series saw Warwick Heny crowned king as the overall winner of the Open section.

Other overall results:

Bodyboarding: Clinton Millard

Kneeboarding: Anton Wiersma

Grom Boys: Carl Wiersma

Grom Girls: Lily Heny

U15: Kaine Heny

U20: Andrew Laverge

Over 30: Shayne Minnot

Longboarding: Richard Heny

Over 40: Andrew Donaghy

Over 50: Mickey Witthuhn

Open: Warwick Heny


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