Moyane: Hell no‚ I won’t go – but then he gets pushed

A Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane refused to resign when he was asked to do so by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa then announced in a late-night statement on Monday that Moyane had been suspended.

SARS boss Moyane refuses to step down despite Ramaphosa request

The presidency said a letter had been sent to Moyane that told him: “Developments at SARS under your leadership have resulted in a deterioration in public confidence in the institution and in public finances being compromised. For the sake of the country and the economy‚ this situation cannot be allowed to continue‚ or to worsen.”

Moyane’s handling of the saga about his second-in-charge‚ Jonas Makwakwa‚ has landed him in hot water in Parliament.

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By: Natasha Marrian

Source: TMG Digital.

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