Avoid these bridges in flood-hit Johannesburg

Heavy rain has flooded bridges across Johannesburg‚ prompting the city’s roads agency to issue an alert for extreme caution.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) says these bridges have been affected by the heavy rain:-

• Buccluech Street Bridge is currently closed to traffic
• Buccluech Avenue Bridge
• Dorothy Nyembe pedestrian Bridge has collapsed in Region D (Soweto Dobsonville). The Bridge had been closed.
• 12th Avenue Bridge‚
• Canterbury Bridge baldly affected. The bridge will be closed today.
• Belgrave Bridge is currently overtopping and the bridge is closed.
• Nancefield Street Bridge in Soweto is currently overtopping
• Mzilikazi Street Bridge is currently overtopping in Soweto
• Canning Street Bridge in Bramley is badly affected
• Third Avenue in Region A‚ Chartwell Bridge is badly affected and is over topping‚
• 118 Morkel Road Bridge in Lynhurst is badly affected
• Medler Street Bridge in Region C is badly affected
• Seder Street Bridge in Region C is badly affected
• Simmert Street Bridge‚
• 2 Witkoppen Bridges (Province has closed the bridges)
• Platina Street Bridge is badly affected
• Pedestrian Bridge connecting 9th St and 10th St‚ Parkhurst is badly affected
• Robert Broom culvert (close to Robert broom/ Amaryllis int)
• Martinus Smuts Avenue Bridge in Soweto is badly affected
• Kilpsruit Low level Bridge in Kliptown . The bridge is currently overtopping.

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JRA officials are monitoring low level bridges prone to overtopping during heavy downpour. Low-lying bridges at risk have been earmarked for upgrades and will be cordoned off if they pose a risk during heavy flooding.

“JRA Depot Managers across the seven regions are regularly updating the JRA Control Room to alert us to major damage and traffic signalling issues. We urge motorists to monitor JRA updates and use alternative routes where required.

“JRA is expecting the list to grow larger as the day progress.

“The JRA Planning Department will conduct a detailed inspection of all flooded bridges to establish any damage to the structural integrity.

“Motorists are urged to obey road signs‚ traffic signals and especially road closures due to flooded bridges or unsafe driving conditions which are unsafe to traverse. In the event of a flash flood‚ or where residents are at risk‚ it is advisable to immediately evacuate the area and seek a place of safety.”

Residents and road users are encouraged to report all road and storm related emergencies to 0860 562 874/ hotline@jra.org.za / twitter @MyJra or JRA Find&Fix mobile app.

Source: TMG Digital.

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