Land-grab failed due to swift action by police

WHAT was intended as a land-grab, as advocated by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), appeared to be a peaceful protest when it began at Jauka Hall in Nemato this morning.

Explosive reaction

However, when EFF members began to block the Bathurst Road that runs from Wharf Street to the R67, police officers supported by Public Order Police (POP) officers moved in and, after considerable warning about the illegality of their action, were forced to take several of the leaders into custody.

It was then that participants in the attempted land grab began to block Runeli Drive at the Bathurst Road entrance with bricks, boulders and burning tyres and, again after warnings, POP fired smoke canisters to dispell the assembled crowd.

Tyred of all the burning
keeping a lookout for trouble

By around 4pm this afternoon the crowds had left the area, but police have asked that road users be vigilant and avoid this area, rather enter Nemato from other directions.

Smoke over Nemato

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