Chasing Mills part five

LOST TO HISTORY: Little is known about Goodwood Mill in the Bathurst/Clumber area

Serendipity with Bev Young

GOODWOOD Mill in the Bathurst/Clumber area is a difficult one to find information about, with only this lonely picture that we know of.

However, recently when I asked online if it was familiar to anyone of settler descent, a Mr Cockroft answered and said it was a mill at Clumber.

“My grandfather built that mill, and all the stone buildings around it. He was always having trouble with it, and when it ceased to work, he abandoned the place,” Cockroft said. He went on to say that he used to walk past it on his way to school at Shaw Park.

Out of the 129 mills in the Eastern Cape, we are currently left with 117 to yet find. I have a mantra, “ride 20 miles, look for a river, and you are bound to find a mill – and/or the millstone in someone’s garden.”

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